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Fresh fom the pipeline

Spending too much time troubleshooting
recombinant protein expression


You're not alone.

To boost your yields of soluble protein in E. coli,
we have developed the ProteoShells

The ProteoShells envelop your proteins, favoring folding, and preventing aggregation and toxic interactions. Keep them as a shield for downstream applications, or release your protein by protease cleavage.

Easy to use. Insert your gene in a pPS plasmid and use our reagents to isolate the expressed ProteoShells without chromatographic steps (Kit I).

From plate well to bioreactor. Express and purify proteins at any scale, from research amounts to industrial production.

We are by your side. We offer our assistance at every step of the process. No time to spend using the ProteoShell yourself? Contact us and we can create and test an expression plasmid for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision



Lock & Key Biosciences GmbH aims to empower the fine chemical industry with innovative and practical biocatalytic technologies of unprecedented reactivity and efficiency. We have gathered the skills and assets to rapidly transform cutting-edge discoveries into ready-to-use biocatalytic methods for chiral synthesis.

Producing enzymes, or any protein of interest for that matter, has its own challenges. While recombinant protein expression is a standardised tool, using it to produce toxic proteins is difficult. Additionally, many proteins may aggregate when produced at non-physiological levels, hampering yields. Improving yields, purity or even unlocking access to previously unobtainable POIs can accelerate and enhance biological or biochemical research and applications.

Lock & Key Biosciences GmbH is working to arm scientists with the tools and methods to help express and isolate challenging POIs. We are developing novel expression systems using our decades of experience handling proteins, to complement routine expression protocols in E. coli


We adapt and license our technologies to fit your specific needs, and we also conduct tailored biocatalytic syntheses. The abilities of our exclusive technologies are showcased in our portfolio of chiral products, available for purchase.

Proteins and enzymes are everywhere in our life, shaping our health and society. Harnessing these proficient tools for society's needs is our speciality.

Chiral molecules are prevalent throughout our everyday lives. Making chiral molecules with excellent efficiency and selectivity, however, is not always easy.  Modern synthetic methods should, in addition, provide good energetic economy and harmless waste to satisfy the growing need for a sustainable chemical industry. These are the reasons why enzymes have turned into the best allies for the synthesis of chiral chemicals.​


Our Technology

Lock & Key Biosciences recruits extraordinary proteins to solve real-world problems. We search for chemically-proficient enzymes to prepare a unique portfolio of chiral molecules. Our catalogue includes catalysts with unique reactivities created by extensive protein engineering, including artificial enzymes. We work in close collaboration with the academia to introduce the latest advances as soon as they are ripe for application.

Tailored protein cages

Using our wealth of experience, we use rational design and directed evolution to create stable and tunable protein cages with unique biophysical properties. 

These cages can be employed in recombinant expression to overexpress otherwise toxic proteins, such as proteases or DNA/RNA-binding proteins. We have found that our technology can boost protein yields, and in some cases simplify downstream processing by shielding the POI from tight-binding impurities.

Enzyme engineering

Most biocatalysts need tuning to perform under industrially relevant conditions. We use computationally-assisted methods and ultra-high throughput assays to tweak our enzymes fast and reliably.

Asymmetric synthesis

We combine our biotechnological and chemical expertise to devise simple and economical syntheses of chiral molecules.

Our Products



We develop novel technologies for enhancing recombinant protein expression yields! From toxic, to aggregation-prone POIs, our Proteoshell system can help you isolate the protein you need for your research! 



We are specialized in molecular builder enzymes that catalyze asymmetric C-C bond formation.
Our technologies will make your processes more efficient, selective, clean, and economical. We offer licenses for our current portfolio and customization services for specific needs. Give them a try!



Chiral molecules

We combine our enzyme portfolio with modern organic synthesis to prepare a unique catalogue of chiral molecules. If you need something beyond our current collection, challenge us to make it for you!

About us

About us

Xavier Garrabou Pi is the founder of Lock and Key Biosciences GmbH. He is a chemist with more than fifteen years of experience in biocatalysis and protein engineering. His contributions are reported in several high-impact publications and patents.

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Lock and Key Biosciences GmbH
c/o ETH Zürich, Innovation and Entrepreneurship lab (ieLab)
Wagistrasse 18, (Labor K515)
8952 Schlieren (ZH, CH)



Lock and Key Biosciences GmbH has recently moved to the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich, one of the most prominent science hubs in Switzerland.

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