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Your one-stop solution for recombinant protein expression

Across life sciences, we are faced with many challenges when it comes to expressing novel proteins for research or therapeutic purposes. As protein engineers, we have seen it all - aggregation, degradation, toxicity, non-native folding - all of which hamper our progress, and require a significant investment of time and resources to overcome. While many tools exist to help solve these problems, we envisioned a new molecular partner that can solve your expression issues, boost yields and ultimately reduce this bottleneck in your projects. Thus, ProteoShell was invented. 

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More than just a fusion partner

Many fusion partners exist, such as MPB, GST, NusA and Trx, but are not universal solutions and do not confer protection between your protein and the cytosolic environment. ProteoShell works differently, by encasing your protein in a virus-like protein shell during expression. This protects your protein from damaging interactions, but also protects your host cells from toxicity effects, ensuring long-lasting expression and higher titers. 

Simple implementation


You only need the basic lab skills and instruments to use the ProteoShell Kit I:


  1. Sub-clone your gene into the PS plasmid

  2. Transform it into your favorite T7 E. coli strain

  3. Grow culture and  induce expression with IPTG

  4. Harvest cells and purify ProteoShells using the buffers in the Kit

  5. When needed, release your protein with TEV protease

Rapid purification

ProteoShell has been engineered to allow for rapid, one-pot purification directly from clarified cell lysate. Our formulated reagents, supplied as part of the ProteoShell Kits, allow for the selective precipitation of the ProteoShell and its encapsulated cargo without the use of high salt concentrations. This ensures your cargo protein remains stable during purification. From here, obtaining your desired protein is just a few simple steps away.

Consultation and customization

We have tested ProteoShell with a wide variety of proteins, and understand the factors that influence success when it comes to protein expression. Our team of experts are ready to advise and assist you, so that you can continue seamlessly with your research. In addition, we can customize ProteoShell to suit your particular needs.

Contact us at or use the contact form below for more information.

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